& collect
for Good


A limited amount of 10,000 unique crypto doggies Non-Fungible-Tokens forever embedded into the Cardano blockchain.

Collect, trade, have fun, save real dogs!

Sale Closed

Our Goal

Improve standards of Cardano NFTs:

  • We hope all future Cardano NFT creators will share our vision and always put a charitable cause to their projects
  • Show that Cardano NFTs can be a fun and smooth process for participants
  • Stay in line with Cardano’s philosophy. Bringing good to the community. The code used to launch the project will be shared

Bring positive change to the world:

  • 50% of the sales go to the community voted animals charity. Voting will happen in a month after the sale
  • 50% of the trading fees go to the community voted charity that gets picked every month

Total Sold


Total Raised for Charity

24628 ADA

$39897 USD*

*at current ADA exchange rate

Each purchase or trade of our Collectible Doggies helps less fortunate pets find
a loving home!

About us

We're a small team of crypto enthusiasts dedicated to bring fun to Cardano ecosystem and good for the world.

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A Software Engineer all his life. A Cardano fan and a crypto enthusiast since 2018. Bought BTC at all-time-high in 2018.

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A #crypto-chick Web Designer. A perfectionist that is always hurried by the rest of the team.

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A sweet soul artist who brought life and cuteness to these doggies. She hopes every crypto doggie will find a loving digital home.

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J for Jake

Hurries the rest of the team to release the project prematurely. He's responsible for smooth sale process without Google Docs ;-)

Win a Doggie

150 doggies

You can participate in any or both of our FAT giveaways!

  • Spread the word to your friends and get a chance to win one of 100 doggies reserved for participants! That's right, not 1, not 3, but 100 doggies!
Let's spread the word!Spread the word
  • Invite your friends to the Discord. Please see #invite-friends channel for the details. 50 doggies reserved for participants!
Discord #invite-friends#invite-friends

Remember, the more people join us, the more pets we will be able to save and give a home!

Join our good cause. Be the first to know the news and chat with us.

How to Buy

Simple instructions:

  • Press "Buy" on the main window during the sale
  • Transfer the exact requested amount to the provided address
  • Stay on the page until transaction confirms and see your new CryptoDoggie


A new beginning

22nd April 2021

Our website is live! Stay tuned to observe our quick progression to the goals

The First Interview

28th April 2021

We are having our first Interview! Join us on CardanoNFT Discord channel.

Sale date picked

4th May 2021

The sale of tokens will happen on May 8th: 8AM PT, 11AM ET, 3PM GMT.

Trade unique Doggie Collectibles and save animals across the world!

Any questions

Are there rare collectible dogs?

Yes. Our dogs have a concept of rarity based on multiple factors - breed, mimics, items, background.

How many collectible dogs are there?

Which wallet to use?

Can I send my ADA from Exchange directly?

Which doggie will I receive?

I want to buy the doggie, but the sale is over.

Why Cardano?

How do I buy?

Cardano NFTs

We are reviewed by the Cardano NFT community prior to launch.

Our Doggie Collectibles fully support Cardano 721 NFTs standard.

Our Policy ID is: 7724da6519bbdda506e4d8acce11


Still having a question?

Ask in Discord / Telegram